Personalized Boarding & Training


Whether you’re off to work or vacation, you want worry-free dog day care or boarding - our exclusive home-style boarding and daycare offer a happy and relaxed atmosphere that dogs love and pet parents trust. Located on the slopes of the lush West Maui Mountains on a 1.5 acres property in Waiehu, we offer high quality, conscious dog care and lodging. Combining the latest knowledge, and eco-friendly practices, we create a personalized experience tailored to each dog.


Our Happy Dogs Ohana consists of Kristin and Sky Solbach, their 2 pups Lily and Harley and a team of dog loving dog attendants. Kristin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Fear Free and PACCC Certified Professional. 


All our staff members received their Dog Guru 101 and 201 Certifications and receive Continued Education on all things Dog Care. Get to know a bit more about the 2 and 4-legged individuals with whom your dog will be spending time by scrolling down.


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Kristin - owner

While growing up behind the iron curtains of East Germany Kristin always longed to spend her time with animals, but the result oriented realm of the socialistic republic required her to keep her focus on top grades and top results in sports (a major value in the country). Set on her path by this upbringing, Kristin went on to become a professional Kiteboarder (9 years after the wall came down), winning 9 world championship titles, a Guinness World Record and multiple other awards. Later Kristin founded and ran a non-profit association for female kiteboarders and managed the KSP world championship tour for 3 years before finally saying good bye to the life of a nomad and settling down on the island of Maui with her now husband Sky. As soon as she had left the limitations of her upbringing as well as the limitations of a nomadic life behind, Kristin fulfilled her longing to work and live with animals. She started apprenticing at Ohana Pet Training in 2017 where she now teaches pet dog group classes and private lessons. Kristin was certified as a Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in March 2019 and enjoys working with dogs of all ages and sizes in the training environment as well as by having them over as boarding guests.


Sky - partner in crime

Born to nomadic, windsurfing parents in California, Sky was raised between the Caribbean island of Bonaire, California and Oregon where he spent most of his waking hours in the ocean doing things like fishing, surfing and windsurfing. In 2002, at the age of 18, Sky’s passion for sports and the ocean led him to begin a successful career as a pro kitesurfer. After traveling for many years, Sky (and Kristin) settled down on Maui in 2013 where he now designs all types of wave riding crafts for a living. Sky grew up with dogs by his side and has a deep love for all four-legged companions.

Makana - Dog Boarding Attendant

Makana is an absolute animal lover with a background in canine behavior. Although she was originally born on Maui, she grew up in New York. After graduating from High School Makana chose to follow her passion for animals and went on to earn a certificate in professional dog training, pet sitting, and dog walking through the Animal Behavior College. In 2019 she moved back to Maui and worked as a Veterinary Assistant at Maui Humane Society where she learned a lot regarding veterinary care. Now Makana is am using all the skills she learned over the years to help provide the best of care to our doggy friends here at Happy Dogs Maui. We love having Makana as a part of Happy Dogs Maui :)

Christine - Dog Boarding Attendant


Kaylee - Dog Boarding Attendant


Kaylee - Dog Boarding Attendant



It was at one of the HARF adoption days that Sky and Kristin saw Lily sitting in her little crate. She looked at them with her scruffy face and made this pleading sound that said "Please take me home". Knowing that Red would benefit from another canine sibling in the house, Sky and Kristin agreed to foster Lily for 2 weeks. Red and Lily hit it off great and could be seen sharing their doggie beds as well as running around exploring at the beach and at home, so Lily got adopted without any questions asked. Lily is curious to meet any 2 and 4 legged friend and is a real talkative character. She also is a bit of a drama queen and a mama's girl though...


Another foster failure, Harley originally came into the Solbach Ohana with his sister Gracy when they were 10 weeks of age in December 2017. Gracy got adopted quickly, however, Harley stuck around adoption weekend after adoption weekend and eventually Sky and Kristin just could not let him go anymore. While Harley was terrified of any human being for his first month at Happy Dogs Maui, he has always LOVED other dogs. Over time he has also learned to like humans (with lots of socialization and even more delicious treats) and loves his human parents and his furry and feathered sisters.

In loving memory


R.I.P. sweet little Red Dog... you will always be in our hearts and your spirit will always be here with us. Red Dog left us in May 2020. Even though she is no longer here in person, Happy Dogs Maui would not exist without her doing and therefore we want to give her a special place not only in our heats but also on our website. A true survivor, Red lived on the overgrown property that Sky and Kristin bought back in 2013 and had been seen around by the neighbor for years. Once Sky and Kristin started building their house, she watched the process from a distance, but over time dared to come closer and closer until she finally ate out of Kristin's hand. From here things went quick and Red moved into the house she lives in today, before it even had a roof. Red was a very special little pup and she definitely was the queen of this little valley property. She was wise, gentle, tough and oh so incredible accepting and agreeing of everything and everyone and over the years she was a wonderful older sister to goats, chickens, turkeys, two other dogs and a human baby, but most importantly she opened up her home and property to the many boarding dogs we had staying with us in her later years of life. She rests in peace in a special place under our mango tree and continues to guard and overlook everything that happens at Happy Dog Maui.