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Please read through our requirements below before making any booking. Mahalo




General Booking Policies and Requirements

• Drop off times: Monday - Saturday from 8am to 11.30am (to give arriving dogs plenty of time to settle in before the first night)

• Pick up times: Monday - Saturday from 8am to 11.30am and 3pm to 7pm

• Sundays: closed to drop offs and pick ups

• Minimum night stay: 3 nights

• Punctuality: drop offs and pick ups are appointment based and all other activities here are planned around them

• Booking Retainer: a 30% booking retainer will be required for bookings during our peak seasons to ensure smooth operations during these busy times. Peak seasons as follows:

Mar 16-31 ; May 27-Aug 5 ; Oct 5-13 ; Nov 24-30 ; Dec 21 - Jan 4


Health and Other Requirements for Dog Guests

• DHP vaccination up to date (at least 2 weeks before their stay)

• we do not require the Bordetella vaccine but recommend it to older or immunocompromised dogs (at least 2 weeks before their stay)

• Leptospirosis vaccine IF the dog will go into/to the stream (durcing daycare or booked add-on service)

• spayed or neutered if over the age of 12 month

• weighs no more than 80 lb

• on a regular flea, tick, & worm preventative

• arrive on leash or be carried at all times

• no aggression history with dogs and people (if any incidents since last stay please let us know)

• no history of training with a shock collar or e-collar

• no separation issues (ok with being without a human)

• crate trained IF your dog is a puppy under 1 year of age, shows any signs of destructiveness or is not 100% potty trained (this means being fine in a crate for up to 3 hours and without a human in the room)

We really appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you and your pup(s) soon, Your Happy Dogs Maui Team