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Frequently Asked Questions answered for you

Yes, we are and have been open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, even though it was pretty quiet around here for a hear and a half or so.

With the pandemic thankfully having slowed down here in the US and people traveling again we are now busy again and suggest you book/plan in andvance.

We do still follow our COVID-19 protocol and wear masks for drop offs and pick ups, don't shake hands and don't hug. We also do not invite anyone into our home at this point, however, you are welcome to tour our outdoor areas and look inside through the windows.

Hand sanitizer is being provided to our clients and a cooler has been made available for drop of for dog food that needs to be kept cold.

You may also use our dog bath to wash your dog when you pick him/her up if you like.

If your dog has never stayed with us before, the easiest way to schedule his first stay is to complete the Application Form and have us get back to you to schedule his/her evaluation visit (this visit is always required before any new dog stays with us). When we call you to set up this evaluation visit we will also talk about what exactly will happen during this half day stay and answer any of your questions.

There is a $35 charge for the evaluation visit which you can pay in cash, via venmo or by check made out to Happy Dogs Maui LLC when you pick up your dog.

Please note that we are following our COVID-19 protocol which makes for changes in our usual evaluation visit. See COVID-19 question for details.

On the day off your dogs evaluation visit you will simply drop off your dog at the agreed time (yep, just drop the leash and you are good to go) and leave him/her her with us for a minimum of 3 hours.

During this time we will: - let him/her sniff out the yard first - introduce him/her to the other dogs that live and stay here at the time (depending on the confidence of the dog we will either do this one dog at the time or let them all meet at the same time) - let them play together as long as they desire - let him/her come inside to sniff out his/her home away from home - leave him/her settle down for a short period of time (if he/she doesn't settle down well around the other dogs we give him/her the opportunity to be in a quieter part of the house. - possibly go out for more play time (depending on age and energy level of your dog) - when you return to pick up your dog we will have you come inside and sit down with you to answer any questions you may have and have you check out your dogs home away from home too. :)

Please Note: we currently follow our COVID-19 protocol which means that we do not let any person come into our home at this time. We can show you around the inside of our home via video call if you desire. You are however welcome to check out the outdoor areas. We also currently wash every dog in our doggie spa at arrival and before letting them into the house and you may also use our dog bath to wash your dog at pick up if you like.

Contact us for your dogs evaluation visit today by completing the Application Form

Finding the answer to this question is the exact reason for the evaluation visit, because there are many reasons and nuances of dogs "not getting along" with other dogs.

Most dogs are actually totally fine when they meet our dogs and the visitors here. Even if your dog is reactive on a leash, behind a fence or in your own home, this usually changes once he/she is off the leash and has the freedom of speaking and reading doggie-boddy-language and is allowed to tell the other dogs what is too much for him/her.

Some dogs are shy, some dogs just aren't very well socialized, other dogs are just older and don't want to be bothered much... once we get to know your dog during the first part of evaluation we will make him/her feel comfortable in whichever way he/she needs and usually this eliminates any issues.

If however your dog really doesn't get along with the other dogs at all, we will let you know at the end of evaluation and will discuss the options with you.

You really don't need to bring much and often times doggie parents drop of their pooch with the amount of food needed for his/her stay and the required paperwork... and that is it.

However, once your dog's stay with us is booked in and all is set, you will receive an email from us in the days leading up to his/her stay with a list of things to bring and do.

Dogs that require medication or supplements need to be dropped off with the necessary meds.

Things you don't need to bring are food bowls and dog beds... we have plenty of those. :)

Your dogs day here will be structured largely after his hours of activity (dog's activity hours are the morning and evening hours), which means that he /she will get up with the first dog to wake up (or he/she might be the first dog to wake up in fact :D) and go out for a "first call" potty break at that time. Some dogs are already full of energy and ready to play and get to do so, others just want to go back inside and nap/rest a little more before breakfast is served.

After breakfast we let the pups and their stomaches rest a little bit and then we all head outside for a long play/sniff/explore session, all depending on what your dog prefers to do. If your dog has been with us multiple times and is a good "pack dog" that stays with everyone else, he gets to run free by the stream and run back and forth alongside it. If your dog is more of an explorer and doesnt have a very reliable recall, he/she will either stay in the fenced part of the yard (one terrace up from the stream) during this time.

Once everyone is exercised and tired we will head back inside where everyone can take their time to settle down and lazy play (e.g. play-biting on the couch, stealing toys from each other..) in the play room. Older dogs may enjoy escaping into the quiet living room, some dogs might just want to hang out on a dog bed on the shady deck or lay belly down on the cool concrete pad underneith the roof in our dog area. Either way, pretty soon veryone will have settled down for a nice long nap./

There is a dog door in the play room and most dogs will learn to use it pretty quickly by following other dogs through, so most dogs will go out to potty when they need to or go in and out as they please. However, if your dog can not figure out the dog door we will take him/her outside again for a potty break and for some sun bathing or sniff-ary around noon and puppies will get their lunch when we come back inside. Usually everyone will just want to nap some more after that.

Another nice play session follows in the late afternoon, once it isn't too hot and sunny anymore and once everyone is awake again and ready to go. :) Often we stay out until just before dark, sometimes the dogs just hang on the deck for sunset... depending on their preferences.

Then follows dinner time and possibly some snuggles with pups or people, maybe some more lazy play in the playroom or some more napping on the couch. And around 9pm to 9.30pm we let everyone out for the "last call" of the day to potty one more time before letting everyone settle in their favorite spot and turn off the lights. Good night :)

The scenario above samples a dry/sunny day here on Maui... if it rains all day the outdoor time will be cut a lot shorter and the dogs get to play inside more (which they will totally do :D). Sometimes we even need to lure (or carry) dogs outside to go potty in the rain if they don't like to get their paws wet, but nevertheless they will always go outside a minimum of 4 times a day to do their business and get some fresh air. And well.. the rest will vary a bit day by day depending on appointments and tasks that come up... just like your days vary too. :)

This is a question that almost every dog parent asks and it is probably the most difficult one to answer... it really depends on your dog's preferences. Some dogs want to just sleep in a big dog pile in the play room.. either on the doggie couch or on the dog beds on the floor. Other dogs (usually especially older dogs that are pretty comfortable when alone) sometimes like to sleep in the living room on the human couch or in one of the beds in one of the corners of the living or dining room. In very special cases a dog might even sleep in the bedroom with us, but that really isn't the norm. Most puppies sleep in crates and are being let out at night if age-appropriate. This helps them so settle down in the presence of other dogs and gives them the quiet time they need and it also prevents them from having potty accidents in the house or getting into the habit of chewing on things they aren't supposed to chew on.

Before your dogs stay we ask for your dogs health records and make sure that he is up to date on his/her general vaccinations (DHLPP every 3 years). We do not require the boardatella vaccination, however, you may want to still get this easy (taken by mouth) vaccine for your peace of mind.

The one vaccination we DO require if your dog wants to get in the or close to the stream is the Leptospirosis vaccination. If your dog doesn't have this (initial immunization done in 2 shots about 2 weeks appart, repeated every 6-12 month for continued immuization) we will not let him get close to the stream at any time.

As for preventative, yes, we do require your dog on heartworm and flea/tick preventative and if these are due during his/her stay we would also ask you to bring the preventative along so we can administer it.

For a repeat stay you can always just email or text to see if we have availability for your desired dates (please note: public and school holidays do fill up a lot faster, so try to book ahead if booking for those times) or you can just complete our Reservation Form and we will email you back to confirm the dates.

Even if your dates are already confirmed, we always ask you to complete the Reservation Form just so we can make sure we are updated on your dogs most important information.

Please Note: we currently follow our COVID-19 protocol which means that we practice contact-less drop offs and pick ups and that we also wash every dog in our doggie spa at arrival and before letting them into the house. You may also use our dog bath to wash your dog at pick up if you like. Hand sanitizer is being provided to our clients and a cooler has been made available for drop of for dog food that needs to be kept cold.

Are you interested in our services? If so, book an evaluation visit for your pup today or book your dogs next stay with us by clicking on the button below. We look forward to seeing you and your doggo.