Happy Dogs Maui rules of the road

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Happy Dogs Maui rules of the road

While living on a “flag lot” is what gives Happy Dogs Maui its serene and peaceful feel, the long narrow driveway also brings with it a few challenges. Customers driving in and out at the same time is the biggest challenge we face and we would love to ask for your cooperation to make driving in and out of here smooth and easy for everyone. That said, we would appreciate if you could stick to the following rules of the road when visiting Happy Dogs Maui:

  1. Take care of the gate. The gate will stay open for 30 seconds and then close automatically. If you are not sure how long the gate has already been open proceed with caution and wait for the gate to close before entering the code to open it again.
  2. Drive slow and yield to oncoming traffic at all times. Cars driving up the hill and leaving the property have right of way since backing down the hill is treacherous. If needed, there is one parking spot at the top of the hill that can be used for the incoming car, should two cars meet on the hill. 
  3. Please keep your tires on the concrete at all times, especially when the grass is wet. This means swinging wide at the bottom of the driveway to not drive over the grass and rocks on your right when driving in as well as at top of the hill when driving out.
  4. Utilize one of the two marked customer parking spots in front the reception. Pull in all the way to make it easier for another customer to park and exit. 

Mahalo for your cooperation,

Your Happy Dogs Maui team

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