Dog Care Attendant


Do you love dogs and working with dogs sounds like your dream job? We are always open to applications for our part time Dog Care Attendant position.



What does a shift as a Happy Dogs Maui Dog Care Attendant look like?

Working as a Dog Care Attendant at Happy Dogs Maui will give you plenty of time to play and snuggle with dogs (the dream part about this job) and yes, you will also be picking up after them (the dirtiest part about this job).


Our morning shifts go from 7am to 9.30am and our afternoon shifts from 4.30pm to 7pm. During low season you might tend to only 4 or 5 dogs and during high season you may see to up to 15 pups. Your main focus during a shift is to exercise and socialize everyone and give them attention. Depending on the group of dogs here on the given day, that might mean you are rotating dogs around between play groups, supervising appropriate group or buddy play and using cues and rewards to practice desired behaviors OR you might be relaxing and snuggling with a mellow group of dogs and have to be their motivator to move around a bit. On most days (and after your initial training period) you will be working independently and by yourself and feel like you are a part of their clan. ;) 


Once everyone has gotten their energy out and is happy, you will prepare the food, feed everyone and then let everyone roam around the yards for a last potty time before putting the pups inside for rest time. 


Last but not least you will finish your shift with a daily cleaning task to make sure things stay nice and tidy around here. As your dog knowledge progresses you might find yourself helping with our enrichment day care and other enrichment activities and there are always opportunities for specializing more into specific areas like dog training, grooming and more if this is what you desire.


No day is like the other around here which keeps the job interesting and fun, especially if you love dogs in all the shapes, sizes and personalities they come in. :)



What do I need to be qualified for this job?

To be qualified for this job, you need a positive and caring attitude. After all you will be looking after our valued dog guests and nobody else picks up on a human’s energy more than a canine. You may also be checking dogs in and out and it is vital you can show the owners how much you care about their pups. 


A quick grasp of things and the ability to move around quickly is important when working with a group of often fast moving dogs and will help you keep up with them as well as picking up the skills for the job. Attention to detail and dependability are vital traits for the personalized care that we deliver here at Happy Dogs Maui.


Last but not least, basic computer skills and some experience with an iPhone and tablet will be helpful.


Experience working with dogs is always a plus but the right amount of motivation and ability to learn new things and processes outweigh any prior experience. 



Are you ready to join our team?


If you feel like you are the right candidate for this job, then don't hesitate to apply by:

  1. sending an email with your resume to 
  2. completing our TestGorilla assessment HERE

We will be in touch within the next couple of days. Mahalo for your interest,

Your Happy Dogs Maui team