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October 20, 2021
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Maui Made Dog Treats – The Big Test

The “treat-season” is upon us and that is true not only for humans, but for the dogs too – because who doesn’t fill a stocking for their dog on Christmas eve?!

While I do have a couple of go-to treats for dog lessons and training sessions (I will get to those in a future post), I do have a real thing for finding great treats for my dogs that are healthy and wholesome. Because I also love to buy local wherever possible I have been buying some of the locally available treats for years, but just recently I came across 3 new local dog treat brands.

Can you imagine my excitement? Six Maui based dog treat companies, all making wholesome, healthy dog treats? I absolutely love it! Of course I have been buying all of them!

But what do the dogs think about our Maui own variety? I thought we put them to the real world test and see how the pups like them! Enjoy the video below and have a look!

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And here is a list of the amazing small Maui businesses making delicious and healthy dog treats for you and your pups to enjoy:

  • Snoops! K9 Gourmet; varieties sampled: liver barks andVenison & Sweet Potato Poppers; noteworthy: 100% human grade ingredients, grain free & all natural ; where to buy: The Pet Shop or PetCo as well as 
  • Pono Pet ; varieties sampled: Skin n’ Coat; noteworthy: organic, grain free, dehydrated, made with chickpea flour; where to buy: through 
  • Woof Jerky ; varieties sampled: Beef and Chicken Jerky ; noteworthy: organic, free range, grass fed ; where to buy: 
  • Maui Nui ; variety sampled: Venison Recipe Dog Treats  ; noteworthy: made with wild Maui venison; where to buy: via subscription at 
  • Dino’s Doggie Delites  ; varieties sampled: sampler pack ; noteworthy: big sheets of beef and chicken jerky, easy to break  ; where to buy: 
  • Lux Dog Treats ; varieties sampled: Super Food Beef and Ahi Jerky ; noteworthy: all organic ingredients, a huge variety to choose from ; where to buy: through or at 1816 Mill Street #101, Wailuku

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