meal prep at happy dogs maui
Feed and Eat at Happy Dogs Maui
September 2, 2021

Until the start of Covid I was teaching private lessons and group classes for, but since the start of the Covid pandemic I have only been teaching very few private lessons for long time clients and did a couple of private group classes per request. I do miss the dog training side of things though and enjoy having puppies stay for board & trains. As part of the board& train program I always record a how to video for the dog parents, so that they can easily continue the training at home. For those dog parents that want to get a head start on training or for those that need a little refresher, I have filmed many of the basic cues that I teach and suggest everyone teaches their dogs – for a even stronger bond and better communication between you and your doggo. 🙂

And once you have your management and training dialed in, don’t forget about your dogs socialization, because that too plays a major role in how happy and easy of a life you and your doggo will have together and with others.

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