I usually teach group classes and private lessons for Ohanapet.com, but since the start of the Covid pandemic I have only taught some lessons through zoom. As demonstration videos for these lessons as well as for boarding clients who’s puppy I train during a stay I have recorded some training basics to follow along. We could also call it the Covid-19 project.. 😀


When you first get a new puppy you will be overjoyed by its incredibly cuteness and clumsiness and soak up all the puppy snuggles and yes, even the puppy nibbles and the jumping. Everything your puppy does is simply adorable!

That undeniable cuteness can unfortunately lead to a multitude of problems down the road, since everything your puppy learns now he/she will also do later – just picture the Great Dane puppy on your lap in a few months down the road or the German Shepherd jumping up on you when it is fully grown.

It is now that you set the stage for your relationship with your dog for the rest of his life and in order to set this stage right the two most important things you can do with your puppy are:

  1. Training
  2. Socialization (with other dogs and people)

I hope to be able to help you along with the Training part with these videos below. For the socialization part I suggest to try and have your puppy meet as many other dogs of all different sizes and ages as well as different looking humans as possible – safely and under the current guidelines of course. I will try to post some more info on the Socialization part soon as well.

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