Our Services

Our Services

We offer exclusive in-home boarding (we welcome up to 5 dogs at a time into our home, but during peak seasons and on overlapping days we may be able to accommodate a couple more furr-friends), which means that your pups will live, sleep and play IN our comfy HOME and our spacious backyard. Because we do only take such a small number of dogs at a time, we can also pay close attention to the needs of your dog - so if your best friend would rather have a quiet nap and not be disturbed or he/she would like to take a dip in the stream on a hot summer day we will be able cater to that too.

If your 4-legged companion has any special needs (like being on medication or needing special workout sessions or help due to disability) we will lovingly see to any of that too and make sure to get an in-depth briefing from you on all things that need to be considered.

For any length of boarding stays, we require an evaluation day prior to your booking. During this evaluation day we get to know your pup, make sure he or she feels comfortable with us and our dog ohana and revise all the pre-boarding information we need for his/her stay. If your dog has not boarded with us before and you consider to have him/her stay with us, please complete our Boarding Application Form and we will contact you to schedule your dog’s evaluation.

Most dogs that come to us have sufficient basic manners and obedience and don't need much training. However, if you can pinpoint to any issues that you are experiencing in your own home it will most likely be elevated at our place since it is a new location for your pup. We will work with your dog on any of these issues as well as on anything else necessary to make their stay here as well as their time with all the other pups as pawsome as possible. If you are experiencing some more dramatic challenges with your dog and are feeling a little overwhelmed, you may consider a Board & Train visit for your dog. (see Board & Train tab)

Puppies after 1 year of age will receive extra special care and training. They will be crate trained as our recommended way of potty training and will learn basic obedience under the loving guidance of Kristin and her positive reinforcement training. Cues like sit, down, stand, stay, off, find it and valuable lessons in settling down after play sessions, sharing treats and chews with other dogs and people, playing and socializing and more are all part of our Puppy Board & Train Program.

For dogs that are older than 1 year but still have specific training requirements (e.g. jumping up, excessive licking, nipping, leash walking...) can also receive special attention with a Board & Train program (1 week minimum and details to be discussed after the initial evaluation visit).

We all have had busy or difficult times in our lives that make it a bit more challenging to ensure your pup gets the attention and exercise they need and deserve. If you feel like your furry pal is spending way too much time alone at home and really needs to get out to play for a day, then contact us to arrange a day play date for your pup - it is basically the same thing as boarding with us, just without the overnight stay and it automatically counts as an evaluation for your dog as well. Contact us to schedule your dog’s day out.

Please note: At this time we only offer day care on a case to case and appointment basis. We do not offer regular day play days at the moment but may add this service in the future.

As a assistant dog trainer at Ohana Pet, Kristin also teaches doggie owners to train their dogs via home-visit consultations as well as in dog classes. Head over to Ohana Pet to learn more about available training services and for a complete dog class schedule.

Are you interested in any of our services? If so, fill in the application form today and let us get in touch with you to schedule a meet & greet with you and your dog. Then scroll down to view our picture gallery with images of our boarding facility and fun adventures. We hope to welcome you and your pup with us soon.