Our Services

We offer exclusive social boarding and accommodate up to 5 dogs over 30 pounds, 8 dogs under 30 pounds and 2 puppies at a time. Our guest dogs get to enjoy our 3 fully fenced yards, 5 hours of outdoor play/explore/sniff time per day plus 2 additional potty breaks, lots of shaded outdoor area, a sun deck with comfy elevated dog beds as well as their own room in our home with even more dog beds and a full size human day bed.

We love to give our dog guests the freedom of napping wherever they feel most comfortable, however, puppies under 1 year of age, those pups that don't give the other dogs any space and don't know how to settle around other dogs, or any dog that marks/potties in our home or likes to destroy things will sleep in a crate to keep everyone and everything safe around here. After a good 2.5 hours of outdoor fun they usually just sleep the time away and don't mind it at all.

You can also add add-on-services like stream splash arounds, exploration walks or enrichment sessions for your pup during the booking process.

We pay attention to the needs of any dog in our care, so no matter if this means buddy play time for younger dogs or calm sniffing and exploration time and naps on the deck for the older ones, we try to make them as comfortable and happy as possible.

If your 4-legged companion has any special needs (like being on medication or needing special workout sessions or help due to disability) we will lovingly see to any of that too and make sure to get an in-depth briefing from you on all things that need to be considered.

For any length of boarding stays, we require an Evaluation visit prior to your booking. During this 2 hour long Evaluation visit we get to know your pup, make sure he or she feels comfortable with us and our dog ohana. If your dog has not boarded with us before and you consider to have him/her stay with us, please book an Evaluation Visit through our Booking Form.

We do not board dogs over the age of one year that are not spayed or neutered and we generally can only board dogs with a submissive nature that do not pose any danger to other dogs in our care or to our staff members. Dogs that are used to spending time away from their owners (e.g. when you are at work or out shopping) usually do much better than dogs who are dependent on being with a human 24/7, so do dogs that enjoy being around other dogs. If you are unsure on how/if your dog would enjoy a stay with us, an Evaluation Visit will help shed light on it.

For more info about your dogs stay at Happy Dogs Maui and about Evaluation Visits and more please visit our FAQs page. Mahalo and we look forward to meeting you and your pup soon.

Puppies under 1 year of age will automatically receive Training when staying with us and our Puppy Board & Train Rate is reflecting the extra attention any puppy receives from us.

Puppies will sleep in crates - appropriate to their age and to support the training process. We do suggest you crate train your puppy as soon as you bring him/her home. While we can support the crate training process for younger puppies, we might not be able to board&train an older puppy that has never been crated before. For why and how to crate train your puppy please see our blog post and vide on the topic HERE

Puppies will be well socialized with other dogs and will receive daily positive reinforcement training sessions under the loving guidance of Kristin. (CPDT-KA certified dog trainer). Cues like sit, down, stand, stay, off, find it and valuable lessons in settling down after play sessions, sharing treats and chews with other dogs and people, playing appropriately with other dogs and more are all part of our Puppy Board & Train Program.

At the end of a Board&Train stay we will film a training video with your puppy to show you what we have been working on and how you can continue with the training process at home. We suggest you watch it with the whole family so that your puppy experiences the same consistency at home that he/she has been experiencing here. This should make the transition to your puppy coming home smooth and help you in raising a wonderful family dog.

We offer a full day of Enrichment Day Care for our boarding customers on Tuesdays only.

A day of Daycare includes 4 blogs of activities and rest time in-between. While dogs do get to play and socialize this is not an all day romp around and play style of Daycare. We keep arousal levels low, mix some training into the day as well as some confidence building and fun in various ways, for a well balanced and tired yet not too exhausted and aroused pup at the end of the day.

Check out our daycare video here for some Enrichment Daycare Fun.

While Kristin used to work as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) at Ohana Pet, she does no longer teach regular classes and private lessons. The responsibilities of being a mom as well as owner of Happy Dogs Maui made it difficult for her to fit regular training classes into her schedule.

If you are looking for dog training only, you can still book Group and Private Lessons with Lisa and the team at Ohana Pet at Ohana Pet

or book some private training sessions with Rachael of Dogs Choice

If you come for an evaluation visit with your dog, Kristin will usually get a good idea about the best approach to training your pup and can make suggestions from here as well.

We are always happy to discuss any special events, private group classes, birthday parties and more. Just shoot us an email through our Contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you interested in our services? If so, book an evaluation visit for your pup today or book your dogs next stay with us by clicking on the button below. We look forward to seeing you and your doggo.